Monday, February 8, 2010

Martha's Vineyard Easements

Thanks to Mary Sarah Bilder for pointing out this great story from the Boston Globe on a recent decision preserving easements on Martha's Vineyard (or perhaps as my Massachusettes relatives would pronounce it, Marthar's Vineyard).

The story begins:

Every Veterans Day and Memorial Day, and once or twice in between, Brian Athearn and his two young sons walk a narrow, grassy path to a tiny, half-forgotten Martha’s Vineyard cemetery. There, the boys salute before a lone veteran’s grave, and their father - the veterans’ graves officer for the town of West Tisbury, and a descendant of one of the Vineyard’s original settlers - plants a small American flag.

The scene is steeped in the tradition of another time, and so is the route they take to get there.

Rogers Path, one of many unpaved “ancient ways’’ that wind through the Vineyard’s woodsy interior, was used by generations of islanders to travel on foot or by cart between island settlements. A court decision last month, issued after a challenge by neighbors set off years of legal wrangling, ensures that the public may continue to use it.

Ah, flags, cemeteries, easements.  What could be better?

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