Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pfizer Pulls Out of New London

Pfizer is closing its New London facility.  The takings in Kelo v. New London seem more and more pointless every day.  Various folks in the blogosphere comment:  Will Baude, Ilya Somin, Jacob Sullum, Gideon Kanner.

Ben Barros

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In all of the analysis and judgment cited concerning the failure of the New London redevelopment project there is one important piece that is left out: the role of the litigation to stop the project. It may be that the litigation had little actual impact and that the project would have collapsed and failed completely independently of the opposition. However, anyone who has worked with real estate development knows that litigation alone can sometimes kill a project--particularly litigation of the extent and nature in this case. I would feel more comfortable with these analyses and judgments if the potential role of litigation had at least been considered as a contributing factor to the failure. Instead, the folks who brought the litigation and supported it argue as if it that part never existed.
Tim Iglesias
University of San Francisco

Posted by: Tim Iglesias | Nov 11, 2009 8:32:06 AM

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