Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Humbach's Estates and Future Interests Tutorials

From John A. Humbach at Pace:

Free Online Tutorials:  Estate System and Basic Future Interests for first year Property

Many regard the estate system and basic future interests as intricate and tedious. Indeed, for many law students these subjects are the hardest thing they do in their first year.

To help with this, I have developed two online tutorials that are absolutely FREE: The Estate System and Basic Future Interests. They are available without charge over the internet to anybody who wants to use them.


The tutorials present the traditionally “difficult” estates material in a steady progression of easily absorbed bite-sized portions. Numerous student users at my school have told me that the lessons provide a relatively quick and painless presentation of these subjects. Yet, the treatment is also thorough.


The two tutorials, along with a set of online “drill” questions (also free to all),  not only provide students a helpful learning supplement and review but they also let the professor shorten and even (if desired) potentially eliminate the class time spent on estates and future interests. There is also an optional free online proficiency test (I require my students to attain 90% proficiency, far higher than I have ever achieved, on average, using traditional teaching methods alone.)


I do not make money on these online tutorials and do not ever expect to. My time spent in creating them is amply repaid just knowing that students benefit from using them. My goal right now is to make them more widely known and utilized.


I urge you to try the online tutorials for yourself and to recommend them to your first-year students.


The tutorials and exercises can be found at my professorial website.


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