Friday, April 3, 2009

Best. Postcard. Ever.


Steve Clowney

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Ah, how I loved property law. One of the most memorable moments of my law school career took place during a property law class. I'll never forget it. We were covering Hillview Associates v. Bloomquist, in which a resident of a trailer park was evicted after assaulting a person working for the trailer park's management.

I'll never forget that day because it was the one day in law school in which I felt the most physically ill. A number of the students in my section thought the facts of that case so hilarious that they could not help themselves from giggling and snickering.

And now we return to the present - and again I see a lawyer making a joke at the expense of someone who lives (or is about to live) in a trailer home.

Coincidentally, the setting is property law - but this time it is the professor leading the giggling and snickering.

I expect that you will delete your post but I hope you leave it up.

Posted by: Sara | Apr 9, 2009 1:03:45 PM

Sara, sorry to dredge up bad law school memories. Maybe I was being too academic, but I saw the postcard as a shot at (the lack of) land use planning in the West, not a take down of poor folks. Anyway, thanks for the comment - I'll keep it in mind going forward.

Posted by: Steve | Apr 11, 2009 6:05:07 PM

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