Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Propertyprof's Lunch with James Krier

I'm experimenting with some new "voices" for blogging.  This one's going to be written in Wall Street Journal Law Blog style.  We'll see how it goes.

Propertyprof blog had the pleasure of lunching with James Krier recently.  (He's visiting at Alabama this semester. Roll Tide!)  Yes, there's reason to be jealous; he's just as interesting (perhaps even more so) as you'd suspect from his casebook.  Like many other property professors, much of what propertyprof knows about property is influenced by his book.  Our students are most fortunate to have him and he's helping all three propertyprofs here to get better.  Our students are blogging about him, too

Propertyprof asked about the inclusion of cases.  Why, for instance, doesn't Dukeminier and Krier include The Antelope?  And when the conversation turned to cases that are in the book, why does the book include our less favorite cases, like Schwartzbaugh v. Sampson?  Well, propertyprof knows that some people find Schwartzbaugh a good teaching device.  But Krier's answer?  "Don't teach it, if you don't find it useful."  Ah, what great advice.  Where propertyprof tends to treat the casebook as our students treat cases more generally (as some form of deity), Krier says make your own way.  How Emersonian!

And then on a recent morning, Krier's advice: teach what you think is important.  Very sage advice.  We'd say that whether or not we thought Krier, like his book, some form of diety.

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