Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Roundup: Federalist Society Panels and Harvard's Atlantic World Seminar

Let me roundup a couple of things propertyprofs might care about this morning.  First, two panels from the Federalist Society's Tenth Annual Faculty Conference:

"Post-Kelo Reform"  with Vanderbilt's James Ely, Northwestern's David Dana, George Mason's Steve Eagle, Yale Law Olin Fellow Dan Kelly, and George Mason's Ilya Somin, as moderator.

And while this isn't quite property, it is prof related:

"American Law Schools: Envy of the World or General Motors Before the Fall?"  with Colorado's Paul Campos, San Diego's Maimon Schwarzchild, Emory's George Shepherd, Boston College's Dean John Garvey, Washington & Lee's Dean Rodney Smolla, and Judge Frank Easterbrook, as moderator.  It's an interesting discussion and, as you might expect, lots of talk about the market and regulation.  I think the moderate and balanced tone of Deans Smolla and Garvey are particularly welcome.

Also, this is where I would be on April 28 if my schedule permitted it:

People and the Land in the Atlantic World, 1500-1825

A Workshop of the Atlantic History Seminar

Harvard University April 26, 2008

This one-day Workshop will examine the practices and theories of people’s engagement with the land: the forms and consequences of land distribution in conquered territories; the different meanings of possession, tenancy, and usufruct; the conflicts among and transformations in European concepts and practices of land management in the Americas; the passion of individual Europeans for free ownership of land in the Americas; and the role of available land overseas in Britain's "Great Divergence." Scholars with an expert knowledge of the field will discuss aspects of the topic; each presentation will be followed by general discussion. The Workshop will include lunch and a reception following the final session.

Attendance at the Workshop and participation in the discussion are open to the academic community. Historians at the beginning of their careers are especially encouraged to attend. Travel and accommodation expenses will be the responsibility of attendees, though the Workshop can provide local lodging information. Pre-registration is required.

More information is available at the conference's website.


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