Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shooting Your Real Estate Finance Book

The WSJ Law Blog has a post about an Indiana 3L who was arrested for shooting a rifle off his balcony.  The target?  His Nelson & Whitman Real Estate Finance casebook:

The book was found in the parking lot, shot clean through by two rounds, according to investigators. . . .

The Law Blog reached out for the authors of Real Estate Transfer Finance and Development, law professors Grant Nelson and Dale Whitman . . . .

“Are you serious?” said Whitman, the former dean of Missouri Law who is teaching this semester at Wash U Law. “Wow, he must not have liked that class very much.” Pausing to reflect upon the meaning of all this, Whitman then added, “I’ve had people that say my scholarship is shot through with holes, but I’ve never had anyone prove it literally.” . . .

[Nelson] said he thought we were calling him about the mortgage meltdown, but we explained that we wanted his reaction to the Indiana shooting, which he hadn’t heard about. “That is so bizarre,” he said. “But at least he went after our casebook instead of going after people. Thank god for small blessings.” He then joked: “But it might not be so bad from West’s perspective, because that’s one used casebook now off the market.”

Hat tip:  Eugene and Hanah at the VC.

Ben Barros

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Moby Dick was a favorite in my high school days for similar treatment, although generally in a backyard shooting range, rather than off a balcony. I saw the results after the fact brought into class and covertly displayed.

Posted by: ohwilleke | Oct 29, 2007 12:55:27 PM

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