Friday, July 27, 2007

New Jersey Supreme Court sides with Homeowners Association

Well, this result was predictable.  Yesterday the New Jersey Supreme Court issued a decision in Committee for a Better Twin Rivers v. Twin Rivers' Homeowners Association.  It held that the Twin Rivers' Homeowners Associations rules regulating political speech on private property do not interfere with New Jersey's constitutional guarantee of free expression.

This article quotes Rutgers Law prof Frank Askin (counsel in the case) that it signals that the New Jersey Supreme Court is  "pulling back from their stance in taking the lead in extending rights under the state constitution."

Here's a link to WBUR's The Connection show on the case from August 2002.  It's a great show--I highly recommend it.  And here's the Twin Rivers' Community Association webpage--makes for so good discussion in class.

Thanks to our friends at concurring opinions for this news.

Alfred L. Brophy
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