Friday, May 4, 2007

Are Book Reviewers Out of Print?

So asks the New York Times in this important article, which comments on the Los Angeles Times' recent decision to merge the book review and style sections of its Sunday paper.   I fear reviews are increasingly being relegated to on-line discussions.  Dedicated propertyprof readers may recall that we talk about book reviews every now and then.  And at the Law and History Review, a journal for which I have immense respect and affection, there has been some discussion of whether we should move to an all on-line format for reviews.  It would certainly cut down lag time in publication dramatically and also allow us to run more reviews.  However, taking a page out of the history of the book literature, I think that print confers status.

I have a few more (very few more) thoughts on this topic, which should be up next week in the inaugural issue of the CONNtemplations, the Connecticut Law Review's on-line supplement.  One of these days we ought to talk about exclusively on-line journals and their implications for the future of legal scholarship.

Alfred L. Brophy
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