Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pursuit of Happyness

Here is a "property" movie some of you may wish to see over the semester break.

Star Parker has a review of a Christmas movie that is about poverty and wealth, hard work and achievment, and asking how to succeed rather than railing in envy against those who have succeeded. My family went to see the Nativity Story on Christmas Eve, and I was stunned to tears by the preview for Pursuit of Happyness. My wife and I will be going to see this remarkable film later this week. It is a message we need here in America. Here is an excerpt from Star Parker's review:

At a time when the media and the politicians are incensed at record breaking incomes on Wall Street, here is a story of a poor black man who wasn't asking why are they making so much, but wanted to know how he could do it.

His life and his thinking focus and crystallize when he meets a guy parking his red Ferrari. He asks him two questions: "What do you do? And, how do you do that?" He was a broker.

Maybe if our new Democratic leaders catch this film over the holiday break it will help them to start asking the right questions when they reconvene.

The politics of envy do not point to the way out of poverty. Character, aspirations, hard work, and freedom do.

There's also the issue of faith. This is by no means pushed in any heavy handed way in the film. But nevertheless it is there and it is important to notice.

The shelters where Gardner found temporary safe harbor for himself and his son were operated by ministries. And, when he was at rock bottom, when it seemed like things could not get worse, there he was in the shelter church, bolstering his faith to go on.

I can't wit to see this film.

Rick Duncan

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