Monday, October 30, 2006

Why YouTube Might Not Have Infringement Problems

Tim Wu (Columbia Law School) has a great post on Slate explaining why YouTube isn't likely to go the way of Napster.  This issue came up during my short tour through IP law in my Property class; if you cover this stuff, it might be worth directing your students to Wu's post.

Ben Barros

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Well I'm glad the undercurrent of MONEY has finally gotten more exposure concerning GooTube. Some things never change. It's been no secret at all that perhaps the parties to benefit the most from "unauthorized" content on GooTube are the TV networks and cable channels. As they've struggled to find ways to recoup lost viewership, in the case of network TV, they've begun to come to grips with having to cede some of their 800 pound gorilla power in return for advertising snippets and iPod-esque connections to niche viewers. Just another example of the increasing role of (Chris Anderson's) Long Tail.

Posted by: Sam Gompers | Nov 1, 2006 6:55:40 AM

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