Tuesday, August 8, 2006

More Monument Talk

Now this story from Birmingham, where there is a move afoot to change the name of Caldwell Park.

According to Joseph Bryant's story in the July 10 Birmingham News:

The park is named for Dr. Henry Caldwell, who designed Highland Avenue and was president of the Elyton Land Co., which settled much of the city. He also was an officer in the Confederate Army who owned slaves before the Civil War.

Former Birmingham City Councilman John Katopodis says that history doesn't merit honor, and he has proposed changing the park's name to recognize former City Councilwoman Nina Miglionico.

And this morning's Birmingham News brought a letter from the president of the Highland Avenue Homeowners' Association, which says:

There are many other, well-documented instances of Caldwell's accomplishments, which led to the rapid growth of Birmingham, including the fact he was one of three stockholders who personally bailed out the Elyton Land Co. from a large debt burden. To quote a Highland Park resident, Julie Williams, "he did what we all should do -- freed of outdated Southern traditions as symbolized by slavery, he embraced the new South and made a huge difference to the city."

This close on the heels of the talk of renaming Penny Lane.  Everywhere you look, there's more talk of monuments.  Reminds me I really need to finish my paper on monument law....

Alfred L. Brophy
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