Thursday, August 17, 2006

Calvin Massey Blogging

I'm delighted to report that Calvin Massey of the University of California, Hastings Law School is going to be blogging with us for a while.  Calvin's the author of many important works, including the popular American Constitutional Law: Powers and Liberties (2nd ed. Aspen 2005) and Silent Rights: The Ninth Amendment and the Constitution's Unenumerated Rights (Temple 1995) and such articles as "The Jurisprudence of Poetic License" in the Duke Law Journal and "State Sovereignty and the Tenth and Eleventh Amendments" in the University of Chicago Law Review.  Propertyprofs will be particularly interested in "An Assault Upon 'Takings' Doctrine," in the Indiana Law Journal and "Designation of Heirs" in Real Property, Probate and Trust.  Calvin's also author of a popular student guide on Property; I know it's popular because I saw many of property students reading it last spring.  One of Calvin's trademarks is thoughtful, balanced commentary across a range of areas, including legal and constitutional history, federalism, and political theory.  Plus, he's a great conversationalist.

We're all looking forward to much thoughtful commentary on property and maybe even some other topics, too.  And as you can see from his first post, on the abolition of slavery, he's rethinking how to teach property.  Ah, yes, how property ends--which is related to how we acquire the right to property in the first place.  I'd be interested in how we might use Calvin's insight to begin the property class.

Alfred L. Brophy

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