Saturday, July 8, 2006

Weekly Top Ten

Here's this week's list of SSRN's ten most downloaded recent property articles:

1. (84) The Uselessness of Public Use, Abraham Bell (Bar Ilan University and Fordham Law School) and Gideon Parchomovsky (University of Pennsylvania - School of Law)

2. (70) The City as an Ecological Space: Social Capital and Urban Land Use, Sheila Foster (Fordham University School of Law)

3. (63) From Direct 'Public Use' to Indirect 'Public Benefit': Kelo v. New London's Bridge from Rational to Heightened Scrutiny for Eminent Domain Takings, Trent Christensen (Brigham Young University)

4. (59) Weighing and Reweighing Eminent Domain's Political Philosophies Post-Kelo, Alberto Lopez (Salmon P. Chase College of Law)

5. (57) Save the Cities, Stop the Suburbs?, Nicole Stelle Garnett (Notre Dame Law School)

6. (51) The Puzzle of the Optimal Social Composition of Neighborhoods, Robert C. Ellickson (Yale Law School)

7. (50) Mine & Thine Distinct: What Kelo Says about our Path, Timothy Sandefur (Pacific Legal Foundation - Economic Liberties Project)

8. (49) Once a Mortgage, Always a Mortgage - The Use (and Misuse) of Mezzanine Loans and Preferred Equity Investments, Andrew Berman (New York Law School)

9. (43) Nothing 'Errant' About It: The Berman and Midkiff Conference Notes and how the Supreme Court got to Kelo with its Eyes Wide Open, Benjamin Barros (Widener University - School of Law)

10. (41) Shielding Duty: How Attending to Assumption of Risk, Attractive Nuisance, and Other 'Quaint' Doctrines Can Improve Decisionmaking in Negligence Cases, John C.P. Goldberg (Vanderbilt University - School of Law) and Benjamin C. Zipursky (Fordham University School of Law)

Ben Barros

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