Sunday, July 30, 2006

Property Pictures: Beaches and No Trespassing Signs

Breakers_palm_beach_no_trespassing_sign Here at propertyprof we talk about all sorts of things, including pictures of landscape art in the nineteenth century.  At other times we talk about community rights in property--like the right to access a cemetery on private property or the right to cross property to get to a beach.  But, as you all know, the right of exclusion is substantially broader than the right to access.
In that spirit, I thought I'd post a couple of photographs I took at the SEALS conference.  One is of a no trespassing sign at the Breakers Hotel (aptly named because it breaks your budget); the other is essentially the same: a notice that the Breakers' beach is private.  I've added them to my growing collection of interesting no trespassing signs.  And it's probably time for a bleg here--if you have a photograph of a no trespassing sign that you like, please send it along.  I'll share it with everyone.

So next time you teach Matthews v. Bay Head or, if you're teaching something even more innovative, like Public Access to Shoreline Hawaii (PASH), how about showing a couple of pictures of private beaches.

Alfred L. Brophy
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