Sunday, July 23, 2006

A New Way to Promote Your Law Journal

Notre_dame_law_review Haven't seen this before, but it's a great idea: the Notre Dame Law Review just emailed me the table of contents for their July 2006 issue.  (Incidentally, I realize that there are a bunch of articles in it that I need to read, including John Fee's Eminent Domain and the Sanctity of the Home; Gerard N. Magliocca's Constitutional False Positives and the Populist Moment, and Stewart E. Sterk's and Mitchell L. Engler's Property Tax Reassessment: Who Needs It?  I'd already read Lawrence A. Cunningham's The Common Law as an Iterative Process: A Preliminary Inquiry on ssrn; the other articles look great, too.)  So congratulations to the Notre Dame Law Review on a terrific issue.  Now I realize that we all need to be sending out electronic table of contents.  I think this will start a trend in law review promotion--and it probably will help Notre Dame's citation ranking, as well.  (Propertyprof readers may recall that Notre Dame Law Review is ranked 23 according to the most recent citation data.  I discuss the relationship between ranking of law reviews and ranking of law schools in this paper.)

Alfred L. Brophy
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