Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weekly Top Ten -- Return of the Sprawl King

So what happens when Michael Lewyn's last article drops of the top 10 as no-longer-new?  He promptly replaces it with another one.

1. (408) Economic Analysis of Law, A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell (Stanford Law School and Harvard Law School)

2. (289) The Measure of a Justice: Justice Scalia and the Faltering of the Property Rights Movement within the U.S. Supreme Court, Richard Lazarus (Georgetown University Law Center)

3. (210) Teaching Law Students About Sprawl, Michael Lewyn (George Washington University Law School)

4. (119) Property and the Public Domain, Hanoch Dagan (Tel Aviv University - Buchmann Faculty of Law)

5. (92) The Fall and Rise of Functional Property, Francesco Parisi (George Mason School of Law)

6. (80) Human Nature, the Laws of Nature, and the Nature of Environmental Law, Richard James Lazarus (Georgetown University Law Center)

7. (74) The Ownership Society & Regulatory Takings: Castles, Investments, & Just Obligations, Joseph William Singer (Harvard Law School)

8. (57) Gone Too Far: Measure 37 and the Perils of Over-Regulating Land Use, Sara C. Galvan (Yale University)

9. (54) It's Not About the Fox: The Untold History of Pierson v. Post, Bethany Berger (Wayne State University - School of Law)

10. (52) Did Reform of Prudent Trust Investment Laws Change Trust Portfolio Allocation?, Max M. Schanzenbach & Robert H. Sitkoff (Northwestern University - School of Law and New York University School of Law)

Ben Barros

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