Thursday, February 4, 2010

Intelligent Giving Comes Back Online

Intelligent Giving (IG) is set to come back online this April.  IG is a charity whose primary purpose is maintaining a website with information for donors about charitable organizations.  The website’s purpose is to increase transparency through dissemination of data and to train and encourage other charities to become more transparent.  To that end, IG maintains profiles on a number of charities.

Third Sector reports that IG closed and deregistered as a charity in August 2009.  The charity think tank New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) has acquired IG and is scheduled to have it working again in the spring.  NPC intends to give IG a tronger focus on how well, and to what extent, charities are keeping the general public informed about meeting targets and effectiveness.

The new site isexpected to launch inApril 2010.


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