Monday, February 12, 2024

Elgar Encyclopedia of Nonprofit Management, Leadership and Governance

9781800880085Edward Elgar has published the Encyclopedia of Nonprofit Management, Leadership and Governance, edited by Kevin P. Kearns (University of Pittsburgh) and Wen Jiun Wang (Sam Houston State University). I was fortunate enough to be able to participate, writing the entry on private inurement. Here is the description:

The Elgar Encyclopedia of Nonprofit Management, Leadership and Governance is the ultimate reference guide for those interested in the rapidly growing nonprofit sector. Each insightful entry includes a definition of the concept, practical applications in nonprofit organizations, and discussion of current issues and future directions.

With contributions from over 200 renowned experts in the field, this Encyclopedia provides a comprehensive overview of the essential topics related to nonprofit management, leadership and governance. Entries explore a diverse range of issues and actors within the nonprofit sector, including business planning, crowdfunding and fundraising, governing boards, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, stakeholder management and wealth inequality. They cover the foundations of the sector alongside more current and topical issues including celebrity, diaspora, LGBTQ+ and ePhilanthropy; authoritarian regimes; the digital divide; and the millennial generation’s civic engagement.

This Encyclopedia is a vital resource for students and scholars of organization studies, business and management, corporate governance, and public administration. Its practical applications will prove beneficial to a diverse range of stakeholders across the nonprofit sector, including professional managers, board members, donors, government officials, and media professionals.

Lloyd Mayer

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