Wednesday, November 8, 2023

States & Hospitals: Minnesota Law Enhances Charity Care Requirements

Download (13)Several media outlets reported last week that a new Minnesota law designed to increase public access to existing hospital charity care programs has just taken effect.  The provision was part of a lengthy health care bill enacted by the state legislature (picture: Minnesota State Capital) earlier this year.  Article 4, Section 40 of the bill contains the relevant provision, including this subdivision:

Subd. 4. Prohibited actions. A hospital must not initiate one or more of the following actions until the hospital determines that the patient is ineligible for charity care or denies an application for charity care:

(1) offering to enroll or enrolling the patient in a payment plan;

(2) changing the terms of a patient's payment plan;

(3) offering the patient a loan or line of credit, application materials for a loan or line of credit, or assistance with applying for a loan or line of credit, for the payment of medical debt;

(4) referring a patient's debt for collections, including in-house collections, third-party collections, revenue recapture, or any other process for the collection of debt;

(5) denying health care services to the patient or any member of the patient's household because of outstanding medical debt, regardless of whether the services are deemed necessary or may be available from another provider; or

(6) accepting a credit card payment of over $500 for the medical debt owed to the hospital.

Coverage: CBS News Minnesota; Health Care Dive; Star Tribune.

Lloyd Mayer

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