Saturday, March 11, 2023

Sidel: The Future of Civil Society Research in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam

Sidel-110311-2-tj-09Mark Sidel (Wisconsin) has posted The Future of Civil Society Research in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam, which has been published in A Research Agenda for Civil Society (Edward Elgar 2022). Here is the abstract:

I have worked on civil society research, particularly on nonprofit–state relations and philanthropic issues in China and Vietnam for several decades. More recently I have been closely following the situation in Hong Kong after China took draconian steps to control Hong Kong in mid-2020,especially through the enactment and enforcement of the National Security Law applicable to Hong Kong. I have long followed the work of civil society researchers in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam, and collaborated with some of those impressive scholars. And I have long been concerned about the future of research in this important field in those jurisdictions. Let me discuss each of these areas in turn, with a focus on:

• Key ideas, main debates, significant relevant publications and unresolved issues.

• Observations about changes in civil society in over the past years with expectations for the period to come.

• Suggestions about the content of a future civil society research agenda.

Lloyd Mayer

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