Friday, December 30, 2022

National Mustard Museum!

FlMKOevX0AIeruYI don't eat ketchup.

While I like basically all of the ingredients in ketchup (tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, salt), for some reason I find them disgusting put together. And there's no need to try to convert me to your particular ketchup---I've tried. I've tried store brands. I've tried gourmet brands. Back when I lived in New York, one of my favorite restaurants was Home, located in the Village. Home's motto was "Fine food. Fine ketchup." But even though I agreed with the first sentence, I could never make the second work.

Which is why my family was so excited when we went to the National Mustard Museum just outside of Madison, WI. (I love looking at strange, quirky little nonprofits, and the Mustard Museum definitely fits that. Also, if you're ever in Pocatello, ID, you should stop by the Idaho Potato Museum.) Its focus on mustard was accompanied by a deep criticism of other condiments, highlighted by the t-shirt my family made me buy.

From a policy perspective, should we allow tax exemption to the National Mustard Museum? On a Friday morning (one that featured the release of several years of Trump's tax returns), I have to admit that I'm not really thinking about that. But it's definitely a fun and quirky use of tax exemptions.

Samuel D. Brunson

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And don't forget Raye's Mustard Museum in Eastport, ME. This town is where FDR's train trip from NY ended and his boat ride to Campobello began each year. The museum itself isn't much and its tax status is unclear, but that doesn't stop it from seeking donations: Best wishes for 2023!

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