Thursday, June 2, 2022

Philanthropy in the Age of Covid

Last week, Candid and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy released Philanthropy and Covid-19: Examining Two Years of Giving. There's a lot of interesting information there, but the topline conclusion is this: Covid-related giving declined significantly between 2020 and 2021, on several metrics.

Survey respondents reported $2.119 billion of Covid support in 2020. The number declined 31% to $1.462 billion in 2021. In that same period, overall grantmaking went up 11%. (Candid does say that, since there is no precise definition of Covid support, respondents used their own judgment to determine whether their giving represented Covid support.)

Anyway, it's an interesting survey and an interesting report, and probably worth taking some time with.

Samuel D. Brunson

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This article was quite interesting and more importantly discuses structural inequities and systemic discrimination which results in disproportionate impacts on marginalized
and underserved communities.

Posted by: T.L. Morson and Associates, PLLC | Jun 11, 2022 1:33:12 PM

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