Thursday, April 28, 2022

Representative Introduces Bill to Replace Form 1023EZ

Representatives Betsy McCollum and Fred Upton introduced a bill on Tuesday to replace the Form 1023EZ. The bill is entitled the Nonprofit Sector Strength and Partnership Act of 2022.

The bill, among other things, would create a White House Office on Nonprofit Sector Partnership and an Interagency Council on Nonprofit Sector Partnership. 

From Rep. McCollum's press release

Congresswoman Betty McCollum (MN-04) and Congressman Fred Upton (MI-06) have introduced the Nonprofit Sector Strength and Partnership Act of 2022 to strengthen the nonprofit sector and its relationship with the federal government. The legislation will improve access to data about the nonprofit sector, and leverage the mission, knowledge, and impact of thousands of nonprofits to work together more effectively in pursuit of shared goals.

“In my home state of Minnesota, the nonprofit sector makes up nearly 14 percent of our workforce and generates $66 billion in annual revenue – which is why it is so important that the sector has a seat at the table when it comes to federal lawmaking,” Rep. Betty McCollum said. “Federal government, state, and local governments rely on the nonprofit sector and its ability to harness and direct the generosity, service, and volunteerism of the American people. Just as small businesses have the Small Business Administration (SBA) to facilitate access to federal resources, the nonprofit sector should be afforded this same level of support. I’m grateful to Independent Sector and other nonprofit leaders who have helped shape this idea into the legislation we’ve introduced today. Together, we can establish mechanisms that will enable nonprofits to better serve our communities.”

Philip Hackney

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