Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Harvard joins other Major Universities in Confronting its Role in Slavery

Harvard is the latest university to confront its role in slavery releasing a report entitled  “Harvard and the Legacy of Slavery”  and pledging $100 million for initiatives and an endowment to reckon with the findings in the report.

From the article: "Harvard is among the latest major universities to engage in a public reckoning with their role in slavery, a trend that emerged after Brown University published a soul-searching report in 2006 on its ties to the transatlantic slave trade. Georgetown University, the University of Virginia and William & Mary, among others, have also dug deeply into their slavery-stained past in recent years. A group called Universities Studying Slavery, based at U-Va., counts about 90 members (including Harvard) in the United States and abroad."

"The report recommended an expansion of partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Under this plan, Harvard would pay for HBCU faculty members to spend a summer, semester or school year in visiting appointments on the Cambridge campus, and Harvard professors would be able to do the same at HBCUs. The report also envisioned that HBCU students would be invited to spend a summer or one or two semesters at Harvard during their junior year — with financial aid from Harvard. Juniors at Harvard could spend time at HBCUs as well. Students in those programs would be known as Du Bois Scholars, honoring the civil rights leader W.E.B. Du Bois, who in 1895 became the first African American to earn a PhD from Harvard."

Philip Hackney


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$100 million is, for Harvard, change they found between their couch cushions. It is less than 2 tenths of 1% of their $53 billion endowment. They should give $1,000 to each Black person in the US as a down payment on full reparations.

Posted by: Walter Sobchak | Apr 28, 2022 9:00:36 PM

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