Thursday, October 31, 2019

Nonprofit Halloween

Devers-kerr-qNp4xmD0GaE-unsplashHappy Halloween! In honor of today, I wanted some sort of Halloween nonprofit story.

Frankly, when I think about holidays and nonprofits, I think about the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas corridor. That seems to be when a lot of volunteering happens and, as the end of the tax year approaches, it also seems to be when a lot of year-end funding requests happen.

Are there any Halloween-oriented charities? Almost certainly. And the one I found quickly on Google was 'Ween Dream, a Louisiana-based public charity that provides costumes to kids who might otherwise not have costumes.

It's a small organization, collecting roughly $10,000 of donations annually. I don't know anything substantive about it, but I like that they're taking a charitable approach to a holiday that, as wonderful as it is, doesn't usually invoke thoughts of charity.

Samuel D. Brunson

Photo by Devers Kerr on Unsplash

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There is also the venerable tradition of trick-or-treating for UNICEF, which I did as a child in the 1950s and continues to this day. (

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