Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Other Side of Hospital Financials: Fees, Debt and Charity Care

I just want to piggy-back quickly on the great blogging done by Darryll Jones on the hospital financials and pay issue - clearly, there is a lot of attention currently being paid to hospital expenses.   The hospital income part of the balance sheet has also been getting a great deal media attention as of late, as noted in Darryll's post on the ProPublica article below.  On June 26, the Wall Street Journal piled on with, "When Patients Can't Pay, Many Hospitals Sue," discussing the aggressive collection tactics of  nonprofit hospitals.   The article does mention that the Affordable Care Act included limitations regarding debt collections, but that lawmakers may be currently looking into additional debt collection or charity care limits, noting that

...Congressional and state lawmakers from both political parties say nonprofits hound low-income patients with aggressive collection efforts, even as they enjoy tax-exempt status and their senior executives bring in salaries that rival for-profit organizations....

While I am dubious that nonprofits should pay less in compensation because they are nonprofits (and I am absolutely not biased on this as a employee of a nonprofit LOL), the link between aggressive collection efforts and executive salaries is clear in the minds of the public and lawmakers.    For an interesting follow up on the article, the opinion page as of July 7 has the insights of a number of doctors as well.


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