Monday, January 7, 2019

Senator Wyden 'Hypocritical' About Healthcare Funding

    In this article, Pat Anson, discusses Senator Wyden and his allegations against Pain News Network, pain experts, patient advocates, and hospitals. Senator Wyden raised allegations of bias and conflict of interest on federal health panels, but accepted almost $2.7 million in campaign donations from the healthcare and insurance industries that he helps regulate. Senator Wyden accepted over $2 million from hospitals, insurance companies, HMOs, and healthcare organizations. Many of these organizations being nonprofit organizations. Some of Wyden’s biggest donors were Blue Cross/Blue Shield, MetLife, Prudential and the American Healthcare Association. Wyden challenged the integrity of several pain experts and patient advocates on federal advisory committees, alleging a conflict of interest because they belong to organizations that accept funding from drug makers. Many of these pain experts and patient advocates believe this is hypocritical of Wyden because he too accepts funding from insurance companies and drug manufacturers. One patient advocate, David Becker stated, “Senator’s shouldn’t be calling the kettle black. Senators should set an example for the rest pf the country with regard to being free of conflicts of interest.” To read the full article, click here:;;sdata=D1RkCu0u%2Fx35QhRgH2Ig%2FIlgWZNp11aKJ5S2NQ%2Fnpjs%3D&amp;reserved=0<;;sdata=7lGDWdoGr%2Fj%2BrS9iGUGjd63F6MJmpnKPkiCPKqovGkE%3D&amp;reserved=0><>



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