Monday, January 14, 2019

National Council of Nonprofits Articulates Nonprofit Legislative Agenda

The National Council of Nonprofits has articulated a federal legislative agenda for nonprofits in a letter to Chairpersons of Senate Finance and House Ways & Means late last year.  Here is part of the introduction:

Tax policy does far more than just define the nonprofit sector as tax exempt; whether intentionally or not, it also can promote fairness or its opposite, pick winners and losers, and support or ruin well managed operations trying their best to improve the lives of others. We believe that the commencement of your chairmanships provides the perfect opportunity to design tax policies that intentionally promote stronger nonprofits and stronger communities. To that end, we offer the following recommendations for your consideration and action. These ideas reflect the perspective of the charitable nonprofit community, a major segment of the U.S. economy that employs more than 14 million taxpayers and interacts in many ways with the Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service. The National Council of Nonprofits works with and through our members – the nation’s largest network of nonprofits – to identify emerging trends, share proven practices, and promote solutions that benefit charitable nonprofits and the hundreds of million people they serve in local communities throughout the country.

For media coverage see this article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.  

Darryll K. Jones

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