Tuesday, September 25, 2018

How Your Fundraising Can Survive the 2018 Tax Changes

    In this article, the iMission Institute discusses how nonprofits can successfully fundraise after the 2018 tax changes by employing GIFs. This article is a fun take on a normally stuffy topic. The article starts by explaining how the changes will affect nonprofits. Nonprofit fundraising will sustain a direct hit from two provisions in the new tax reform law. The Tax Policy Center estimates the change in standard deduction alone will reduce charitable giving by up to $20 billion a year. The article explains that because of the increase in the standard deduction most people will stop itemizing their deductions. To deduct your charitable giving from your taxes, you must itemize your deductions with less people itemizing, the Tax Policy Center believes a lot of people will not donate. The article ends by giving strategies of how to improve fundraisers and raise more money with the decrease in donations. To read more on how to improve fundraising with the tax changes, click here: http://www.imissioninstitute.org/imission-blog/nonprofit-fundraising-2018-tax-reform/




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