Thursday, May 3, 2018

N.Y. Times Magazine: "How Liberty University Built a Billion-Dollar Empire Online"

Liberty UniversityWhile much public and governmental attention has been paid to colleges and universities with growing endowments (and increasing tuition costs) and to for-profit schools,  another important trend that has received less attention recently is the expansion into online education by nonprofit institutions. Perhaps surprisingly, the biggest player in this area is Liberty University, which has more online students than any other nonprofit at up to 95,000 students annually, second only to the for-profit University of Phoenix. Its online activities are the focus of a detailed N.Y. Times Magazine article. The article is too lengthy to summarize completely here, but suffice to say it raises questions about student recruiting methods, admissions standards, and the quality of the online education provided, among other issues. For the response of the University's President, Jerry Falwell Jr., to these and other points from the story, see this Townhall Opinion piece.

Lloyd Mayer

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