Sunday, November 26, 2017

GOP Tax Bill Allowing Churches to Participate in Political Activity

    The new tax bill proposed in Congress has a provision that would allow churches to endorse political candidates while keeping their tax-exempt status. The provision would deny the IRS money to enforce denial or revocation of churches tax-exempt status for participating in political activity. The provision does not mention if other nonprofit organizations, or even synagogues or mosques will be safe from revocation of their tax-exempt status. Some people are opposed to the provision because they deem it as unfair advantage to Christian churches to funnel money into political campaigns. Republicans in support of the provision argue that, “the law is enforced unevenly, leaving religious leaders uncertain about what they are allowed to say and do.” Some Democrats in opposition to the provision argue that, “the measure comes too close to mixing church and state. Religious leaders already have First Amendment rights, just like anyone else, but if they want to get political, they don’t have a constitutional right not to pay taxes.” To learn more about the proposed tax bill and the effect of this provision click here:



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