Monday, November 24, 2014

Seventh Circuit Rejects Minister Housing Allowance Challenge on Standing Grounds, But . . .

Clergy Housing Allowance no border_medEarlier this month the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit issued an opinion in Freedom from Religion Foundation v. Lew, the Foundation's constitutional challenge to the ministerial housing allowance exclusion from gross income provided by Internal Revenue Code section 107.  A lower court had struck down the allowance, but the appellate court concluded the foundation and its two co-presidents lacked standing to pursue the challenge.  In doing so, however, the court may have provided a road map for a future challenge to this provision.

The appellate court based its conclusion that the plaintiffs lacked standing on the simple fact that they had never been denied the allowance because they had never applied for it.  While the plaintiffs argued it was enough that they were similarly situated to ministers who enjoyed this tax benefit except for the fact that they are not "ministers of the gospel" as that term is used in section 107 and also that applying for the benefit would be futile, the appellate court disagreed that these allegations were enough to demonstrate the particularized injury required for standing purposes.  The solution of course is obvious - the plaintiffs should now seek to claim the exclusion provided by section 107.   But the government's response is equally obvious, if the government does not want to litigate this case - choose not challenge their claim.   The latter tactic could, however, open the door for all section 501(c)(3) nonprofits to seek to provide tax-free housing for their senior staff, a situation that likely the IRS (and Congress) would not tolerate if done a large scale.  So the ministerial housing allowance challenge is likely only delayed, not eliminated, at least based on the Seventh Circuit's standing reasoning.

Lloyd Mayer

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