Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Esposito, McDonnell, Reiser, Yockey, and the HBLR on Social Enterprise

HBLRThe scholarly discussion of social enterprise and hybrid legal entities shows no signs of abating. The most recent crop of articles includes the following four plus an entire issue of the Harvard Business Law Review.

Robert T. Esposito (NYU Fellow), Using a Canon to Kill a Fly: Charitable Soliciation Acts and Social Enterprise, NYU Journal of Law and Business (forthcoming)

Brett McDonnell (Minnesota), Committing to Doing Good and Doing Well: Fiduciary Duty in Benefit Corporations

Dana Brakman Reiser (Brooklyn), Regulating Social Enterprise, 14 UC Davis Business Law Journal 231 (2014) 

Joseph W. Yockey (Iowa), The Compliance Case for Social Enterprise, Michigan Business & Entrepreneurial Law Review (forthcoming)

The Harvard Business Law Review, Volume 4, Issue 2 (2014) - Benefit Corporations includes five articles relating to these hybrid entities, including one by Delaware Chief Justice Leo E. Strine, Jr.

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