Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Future of State Regulation

Just in case you did not get the email, sent out today . . .

In 2013, the Charities Regulation and Oversight Project of the National State Attorneys General Program (“Charities Project”) hosted an unprecedented policy conference at Columbia Law School focused on state regulation and enforcement of the charitable sector. Entitled “The Future of State Charities Regulation”, the two-day conference featured the participation of more than half a dozen current and former attorneys general, dozens of assistant attorneys general from around the country, federal regulators and top academics and practitioners. The conference was made possible through the generous support of the Ford Foundation, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute.

The Charities Project is pleased to announce the publication, through Columbia University’s Academic Commons, of two dozen papers solicited for the conference addressing The Future of State Charities Regulation. This collection of state-focused articles is the first of its kind in the literature, addressing a panoply of topics at the intersection of state regulation and the charitable sector. These twenty-five articles are openly accessible and publicly searchable through Columbia University’s Academic Commons.

Contributors include Marcus Owens, Marion Fremont-Smith, Tim Delaney, Anthony Johnstone, Elizabeth Grant, Dana Brakman Reiser, David Spenard, John Tyler, Robert Wexler, Doug Mancino, Mark Chopko, William Marshall, Lloyd H. Mayer (one of our own), Karen Gano, Linda Sugin (one of our own again), Putnam Barber, James Fishman, Fran Hill, Rick Cohen, Hugh Jones, Robert Cooper, and George Jepsen.  This promises to be a very useful effort.  Thanks to all of the authors.


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