Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alleged Conspiracy in the Rosa Parks Estate

This makes me sad. It's really hard to imagine more of an heroine than Rosa Parks, so it is upsetting that the footnote to her legacy is this ridiculousness. This conspiracy suit was apparently filed by the attorney that represented the Parks Foundation and one of its executives in prior probate proceedings, although it is never quite clear from the article as to whether he is filing on their behalf or on his own (I'm assuming this is just technically incorrect writing on legal matters but I could be wrong).

The petition alleges that the Court and the estate's appointed attorneys conspired to drain the estate of funds through attorney's fees and through the failure to enforce certain orders of the Michigan Supreme Court - a fairly serious (and difficult if not impossible to prove) charge. This article contains more background on the fight between the Parks heirs and the Parks Foundation and its co-founder.

I have to say that my first reaction was that I was stunned that the Foundation (if the Foundation is in fact the filer of the motion) would allege such a thing and whether that would serve to tarnish its repution. I suppose some of it will depend on the outcome.

Can anyone help me with access to the original petition? I'm not finding it right off, but will post a link if I can. Update: Here's a link to the petition.


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