Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly February 2011 Issue Available

The February issue of the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly is now available.  Here is the table of contents:

  • Sandra Verbruggen, Johan Christiaens,and Koen Milis, "Can Resource Dependence and Coercive Isomorphism Explain Nonprofit Organizations’ Compliance With Reporting Standards?"
  • Tracey Chadwick-Coule, "Social Dynamics and the Strategy Process: Bridging or Creating a Divide Between Trustees and Staff?"
  • Juan L. Gandía, "Internet Disclosure by Nonprofit Organizations: Empirical Evidence of Nongovernmental Organizations for Development in Spain"
  • Yuko Suda and Baorong Guo, "Dynamics Between Nonprofit and For-Profit Providers Operating Under the Long-Term Care Insurance System in Japan"
  • Thomas Perks and Michael Haan, "Youth Religious Involvement and Adult Community Participation: Do Levels of Youth Religious Involvement Matter?"
  • David Campbell, "Reconsidering the Implementation Strategy in Faith-Based Policy Initiatives"
  • Luca Bagnoli and Cecilia Megali, "Measuring Performance in Social Enterprises"
  • José Juan Vázquez, "Attitudes Toward Nongovernmental Organizations in Central America"
  • Kate Cooney, "An Exploratory Study of Social Purpose Business Models in the United States"

  • Jullet A. Davis,Louis D. Marino, Joshua R. Aaron, and Carl L. Tolbert, "An Examination of Entrepreneurial Orientation, Environmental Scanning, and Market Strategies of Nonprofit and For-Profit Nursing Home Administrators"
  • Robert D. Herman, "Book Review: John Tropman and Thomas J. Harvey. Nonprofit Governance: The Why, What, and How of Nonprofit Boardship"
  • Patsy Kraegerm, "Book Review: Uluorta, H. M. The Social Economy: Working Alternatives in a Globalizing Era (Rethinking Globalizations)"


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