Thursday, September 17, 2009

England & Wales--CIO Consultation Report Released

Publication of the joint Cabinet Office/Charity Commission response to the consultation on the Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO), a new legal form for charities, was announced September 17, 2009.  The CIO is the first incorporated legal form designed specifically with the needs of charities in mind. The CIO will be available only to charities and will add to the existing range of forms that charities can use.  Responding to the consultation on how the CIO will work, the Government and the Charity Commission have agreed to make a number of important changes to the initial proposals including:

·         ensuring a robust duty of care by removing a proposal that CIO trustees could in some circumstances take less responsibility for their charity’s activities

·         tightening up rules on access to personal information in the registers of trustees and members that CIOs will have to maintain, and

·         replacing a number of minor criminal offenses for administrative failings with a power for the Charity Commission to direct rectification.



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