Saturday, September 27, 2008

Church Leaders (a few) Take on Political Speech

In the lead-up to Sunday's event, the New York Times published an editorial today suggesting that the 33 ministers who have pledged to violate Section 501(c)(3) by making political statements from the pulpit are wrong.  A group of other clergy, more concerned with being spiritual leaders than being political leaders, have joined in opposition to speaking politics from the pulpit.  As the editorial points out, an attempt "to dash the pillar of church-state separation" should be a concern to taxpayers of any faith. 

And of course, any organization willing to give up its tax-exempt status can say whatever it wants about politics.

See the blog posted on Thursday, Sept. 25, for more information about the Sunday protest.  And read the New York Times Sept. 26 report on the planned event.  For earlier bolg coverage of this issue, see here and here.


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