Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blogging for Nonprofits?

On December 27, 2007, the New York Times published an interesting article about how blogging can be a low-cost high-return marketing tool for small businesses.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

[S]ome companies are suited to blogging. The most obvious candidates, said Aliza Sherman Risdahl, author of "The Everything Blogging Book" (Adams Media 2006), are consultants. “They are experts in their fields and are in the business of telling people what to do.”

For other companies, Ms. Risdahl said, it can be challenging to find a legitimate reason for blogging unless the sector served has a steep learning curve (like wine), a lifestyle associated with certain products or service (like camping gear or pet products) or a social mission (like improving the environment or donating a portion of revenues to charity).

Since the essence of "charity" is mission, it makes sense that small nonprofits might benefit from blogging.  For the entire article, see "Blogging's a Low Cost, High Return Marketing Tool" in the New York Times.


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