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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Business Lawyer seeks editors

The Business Lawyer is seeking editors:

The Business Lawyer (TBL) plans to appoint at least one additional editor beginning with Volume 67. The responsibilities of an editor will be to:

                (i) edit approximately sixty manuscript pages of each of the four issues that TBL publishes in each volume;

                (ii) ensure that each statement of fact has an accurate citation that supports it;

                (iii) conform all citations to the Blue Book; and

                (iv) make sure that manuscripts satisfy TBL Author Guidelines.

Over the course of a volume, each editor should expect to work on a combination of articles, reports, and surveys that are published in TBL.

                Since Volume 64, Professor Gregory Duhl of the William Mitchell College of Law has been responsible for all style editing, cite-checking, and Blue-Booking of TBL. Professor Duhl is the current Associate Editor-in-Chief, and the editors would work in collaboration with him, the Editor-in-Chief, who rotates yearly, and the Production Manager, Diane Babal, to ensure that TBL maintains its high quality and timeliness. The editors would also work closely with the Associate Editor-in-Chief to update the TBL Author Guidelines to maintain consistency in the journal.

                TBL seeks editors from all business law disciplines, who have experience editing an academic publication, a keen attention to detail, and an ability to meet deadlines. Each editor would receive an honorarium upon completion of his or her work for that issue. If interested in this position, please e-mail a resume to Diane Babal, at Diane.Babal@americanbar.org. Any questions about the position can be addressed to Professor Duhl at Gregory.duhl@wmitchell.edu.




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