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Friday, November 12, 2010

Davidoff on Genzyme's (un)Staggered Board

The Deal Prof does a great job of plowing through Genzyme's old proxy statements to give us a deeper look at why Sanofi will be unlikely to do much to stop Genzyme from re-staggering its board should it want to.   The reason revolves around Massachusetts' staggered board statute (156D, Sec. 8.06).  Unlike Delaware staggered boards are the default for Massachusetts public companies.  Steven walks through the proxies and points out that back in 2006 the board, and not the shareholders, de-staggered the board.  Because the board took the initial action, the statute permits the board to stagger it at any point in the future without going to the shareholders.  

That's a good trick. And one more reason why if Sanofi wants this deal to happen, it's going to have play nice.   



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