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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Litigator's Role in M&A

OK, so you're a summer associate or a junior litigation associate in a NY firm.  Probably the highest stakes litigation around for your clients may well entail a proposed merger and a challenge to it.  Your not uncommon reaction to realizing that most of your litigation work will be focused on corporate related matters may well be - "But, uh, I didn't take corporate law. ...  I'm a litigator."    If you're a summer associate, don't worry, that's what your 3L year is for.  If you happen to have gotten out of law school with taking corporate law or M&A, there's always this:  Courtney Rosen's The Litigator's Role in M&A Transactions.  It's a quick review (42 pages) of everything a litigator needs to know after getting tossed into litigation over an M&A transaction.  It's no substitute for taking an M&A class, but its focus on the process of litigation, including privilege and discovery issues will be useful.  



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