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Thursday, October 10, 2019

University of Illinois Claims NPR Reporters Are U Employees For Purposes of Title IX Reporting; ProPublica Rejects Claim

ProPublica has responded to a claim from the University of Illinois (Springfield) that NPR Illinois reporters who also report for ProPublica are considered mandatory reporters under a relevant Illinois statute and must turn over information they uncover during sexual harassment and misconduct reporting investigations. See the University of Illinois FAQ here.


Writes ProPublica, 

We generally share tips with our partners, including those in the Local Reporting Network. In this case, however, ProPublica itself will collect these tips and respond to them. The university policy does not apply to us. NPR Illinois reporters will not have access to tips sent to our email address, texts or calls to our phone number or people who fill out our questionnaire unless the cases are already known to the University of Illinois or unless they involve other colleges. We also have added clarifying language to our stories and our questionnaire to make this clear.


More here. 

See the Illinois statute here.

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