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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Shikhiashvili on Online Copyright Infringement and Intermediaries' Liability Under the US and the EU Law @ChicagoKentLaw

Lia Shikhiashvili, Chicago-Kent College of Law-Illinois Institute of Technology, has published The Same Problem, Different Outcome: Online Copyright Infringement and Intermediaries’ Liability Under the US and the EU Law. Here is the abstract.

The protection of copyright owners’ rights online is much more challenging with the significant increase of the digital marketplace. Although the problem is same for both the United States and European Union, their approach how to solve it is hugely different. Recently, the European Union has adopted a new Copyright Directive, which, in article 17 (ex-article 13) indirectly introduces filtering and monitoring obligations to online platforms that allow users to upload content. It creates the “de facto strict liability regime” for internet intermediaries to root out copyright-infringing content. In contrast with this approach, in the United States internet intermediaries still benefit from the legislative immunities that exclude them from copyright-infringement liability uploaded by their users. This article compares the new European Union directive with the United States approach and shows that these differences might create uncertainties in the digital marketplace. This article also reviews potential consequences of the article 17 and demonstrates the need of harmonized secondary liability regime to Internet Service Providers at European level, without sacrificing safe harbor provisions. The article proposes the adoption of “fair use doctrine” and “fair remuneration” provisions as an effective and alternative tool to protect the rights of all players in the digital scene and simultaneously tackle the so-called “value gap” problem.

Download the article from SSRN at the link.

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