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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Wisconsin Judge Issues Summary Judgment For Plaintiff In Defamation Case Against Authors Who Denied Truth Of Sandy Hook Killings

Dane County (Wisconsin) Circuit Court Judge Frank Remington issued a summary judgment in the defamation case that Lenny Pozner, father of 6 year old Noah Pozner, brought against James Fetzer and Mike Palacek, authors of Nobody Dies at Sandy Hook. Mr. Pozner sued the two over their claims that he was a crisis actor, that Noah never existed, and that the murders at Sandy Hook never happened. The publisher of the book has pulled it from sale, saying that he believes Mr. Pozner is "telling the truth about the death of his son."

Other parents of children killed at Sandy Hook in 2012 have also brought suits against those who claim that the killings by Adam Lanza are a hoax, including Robbie Parker, whose daughter died that day, and who is suing Infowars host Alex Jones.  Mr. Jones currently faces at least two lawsuits, one in Texas and one in Connecticut, over his statements that the shootings never occurred, although he now has retracted those statements. In the past few days, lawyers for the plaintiffs in one of the suits said that Mr. Jones's lawyers had turned over materials that include child pornography. They have alerted the FBI. More here from CNBC.

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