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Monday, July 30, 2018

Hristov and Naplatanova on The Stereotype of Military Towards Journalists and Work with Embedded Reporters in Missions and Operations Abroad @GabiNaplatanova

Neno Hristov and Gabriela Naplatanova, National Defense Academy, Bulgaria, have published The Stereotypes of Military Towards Journalists and Work with Embedded Reporters in Missions and Operations Abroad, as part of the 5th International Conference on Education, Social Sciences and Humanities, 2-4 July, 2018 - Dubai. Here is the abstract.

The impact of the news technologies development on the news gathering business played significant role in setting new standards in the news coverage and the ethics of media outlets. The deadlines, the channels of communication and feedback changed so fast in terms of the media scope, focus, and news cycle. Accordingly, this process posed certain challenges for the military leadership regarding operational planning. Now they have to consider the adequate media coverage while thinking about personal and operational security of their units on the field. The information is considered to be the fifth domain of warfare along with earth, sky, sea and space. Due to that necessity we concluded survey of the attitude s for the ethical and technical standards of media and military in armed conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, so we can define the scope of cooperation between the two professional communities. We explored the stereotypes of 60 professionals from different back ground as media outlets, military expertise and job description, professionals with experience in missions abroad in conflict zones. The survey helped us to define the interactions between military and media in conflict zones; to determine the framework of their cooperation and the expectations they have, while trying to fulfil their obligations in the field. Our main task - to target and enlarge the mutual understanding about the other professional community's standards and operational procedures and to make media and military working together in a less confrontational manner without altering the real picture in the battle field. The media operations are considered to be essential part of the military operations with respect to the media influence in shaping public opinion. Because the public opinion back home is crucial to the operational success of the actions undertaken by the government. The journalists and the military officers consider the need for mutual training while working in hostile environment and building a standard procedure to be necessary and periodical in terms of avoiding shortcomings from previous operations. This is very positive trend for learning the good examples and unlearning the contra productive ones. This practice could be very useful in setting standards when a journalist willingly or unwillingly violates the ground rules while embedded in a military unit. 80 percent out of the all responders in the survey pointed out that media and military should have friendly and cooperative attitude towards each other in the field. Building ground rules procedures that could enable the working process both in media and military communities is crucial. So is the military leadership readiness to navigate the media expectations to build strong and fair reporting of facts and tell realistic, objective and compelling stories from the battle field.

Download the paper from SSRN at the link.

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