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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sony's Clean Version Program Rolls Out But Not Without Criticism

The Director's Guild is looking into Sony's Clean Version intiative, but some directors may not be on board. The company intends this program to present edited (broadcast or airline) versions of films to consumers who would prefer their movies with no lewdness and maybe less sex or violence. But objections are already surfacing. Actor/producer Seth Rogen made his disappointment known immediately. 

The Director's Guild and Judd Apatow were more direct, the DGA saying "Directors have the right to edit their feature films" for any kind of release or audience..

Sony's program is a response to the Clean Flicks and VidAngel initiatives, which respond to the wishes of some audience segments that want to watch popular movies, but without what they consider to be objectionable scenes or themes.  

Sony has now said it won't release edited versions of the films if their directors object.

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