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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio To Give Deposition In "Wolf of Wall Street" Defamation Case

Leonardo DiCaprio must give a deposition in Andrew Greene's lawsuit against Martin Scorsese over Mr. Greene's claims that the film The Wolf of Wall Street defamed him. Mr. Greene alleges that the portrayal of the character Nicky Koskoff in the movie damages his reputation and will be permanently associated with him (Business Insider). 

Attorneys for the defense had argued that because Mr. DiCaprio did not play Koskoff and because he was not involved in writing the screenplay, he had nothing material to contribute involving the case. The magistrate judge rejected those arguments and ordered Mr. DiCaprio to testify. Mr. Greene filed the suit for $25 million in 2014 (ABC News). 

More here from The Hollywood Reporter.

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