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Monday, December 7, 2015

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai Receives Inaugural Herbert Brownell Award

Here are FCC Commissioner Ajai Pai's remarks upon receiving the inaugural Herbert Brownell Award at the Tech Elders' First Annual First Annual Herbert Brownell Dinner.

Mr. Brownell (1904-1996) received his law degree from Yale and practiced with Root, Clark, Buckner & Ballantine and then with Lord, Day & Lord. He was active in politics, heading up Thomas E. Dewey's successful campaign for governor of New York and later Mr. Dewey's unsuccessful Presidential campaigns. He served as President Eisenhower's Attorney General in the President's first term and supported the appointment of federal judges who would carry out the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board decision.  More about Mr. Brownell here from the Washington University Film and Media Archive.

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